Business Continuity and Risk Management

What is the relationship between Business Continuity and Risk Management? The relationship between Business Continuity and Risk Management depends on the organization. In most cases, Business Continuity is a sub-domain

The Blue Cell

The Blue Cell BCP Builder was recently featured on The Blue Cell – Michael Brown Show. During this podcast we discussed: My background in Business Continuity and focus on keeping


What does KFC running out of chicken have in common with how companies respond to a pandemic? Both rely on a business continuity plan to recover. Whether it’s a pandemic,

Emergency Communication

Business Continuity and the critical Role of Emergency Communication Why Business Continuity Fails Business Continuity often fails, and reasons are manifold. If no business continuity plan exists, there will be

Virtual Companies

How do virtual companies do business continuity planning and what should they be particularly concerned about? Virtual companies with people working from home in multiple locations have a natural resiliency.

Business Continuity and Crisis Management

When does the Crisis Management team let go and the Business Continuity team take over? I think these two teams need to work together from the outset, but there is

Cloud Server

Is a Cloud Server the best solution to decrease the time to recovery for small and medium businesses? How reliable a solution is the cloud? With so many people working

Business Impact Analysis Example

Business Impact Analysis Example – How do you prioritize different processes in a Business Impact Analysis? Some processes being unavailable will be of high impact during a certain period and

The New Normal

What will the new normal look like following the Coronavirus Pandemic? I have included two videos below: A webinar on how to return to business following this pandemic. In this

SMB Cyber Summit

SMB Cyber Summit I recently gave a presentation on Business Continuity for the SMB Cyber Summit. If you are interested in learning more about Cyber Security from a Small/ Medium

Plan Activation

Plan activation – during this coronavirus pandemic, the majority of companies will be referring to either their business continuity plan or pandemic plan. The question I am discussing today is,


COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. As of 12 March 2020, there are 125,865 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, with a death-rate of 3.5%.

The Cloud

With new technological changes, most IT departments are migrating their data and applications to a Cloud Server. What is the added value and role of Business Continuity in a Disaster

Tabletop Exercise

Should an organization hold a tabletop exercise if they don’t have a business continuity plan organized? If the management team are really excited about holding an exercise, and that’s where

Sky City

The large fire at the Sky City International Convention Center provided an interesting business continuity case study. The roof caught fire during construction and the billowing smoke meant many nearby

BCM Implementation

BCM Implementation – what pushed your organization into creating a business continuity management program? In my experience, the biggest factor was an audit which identified the lack of a cohesive