Playbook or Runbook?

What is the difference between a Playbook and a Runbook? The concepts are very similar but are generally used in different contexts. A Runbook usually refers to computer systems or

Confidential Information

How can you prove you have a solid Business Continuity Plan, without revealing the Confidential Information inside? A Business Continuity Plan is often prepared because somebody has asked to see

Business Continuity Exercises and Tests

Business Continuity Exercises and Tests What best practice is there for training and exercising within Business Continuity/Emergency Planning? Regular Mix of small and large exercises Departmental and whole of organization

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement How does Business Continuity Management incorporate Continuous Improvement? Feedback from BCP Builder Community on LinkedIn: Debriefs Hot and Cold Debriefs should be conducted following all incidents and exercises.


Community Working Groups How can you contribute to Community Resilience? Attend local working groups to strengthen public and private sector relationships. These may be held after a crisis has occurred,

Supply Chain Management

What is the most effective Supply Chain Management strategy? BCP Builder features in the below article on Supply Chain Management strategies. I took a Business Continuity Perspective based on my

What is Resilience?

What is Resilience? How can you define or implement indicators for Organizational Resilience? Blame Culture It is important to avoid creating a “blame culture” within your organization. This can make


Debriefing What is the best way to collect valuable information from front line staff that participated in an emergency response within your organization? My recommendation is to hold a hot-debriefing

New Normal

What do you think is the best terminology to use after an incident? Bounce Back Bounce Forward Find your ‘New Normal’ Something else? Here is some feedback on the above

Define Resilience

How can you define resilience? Can a diligently implemented Business Continuity Management System lead to Organizational Resilience? Yes – when properly implemented, I believe this is a key element of

Resilience Definition

Resilience Definition Is there a risk that some can fall into the trap of thinking they are resilient if they align/comply with ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management Standard? Absolutely!

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment What is the best method to conduct a Risk Assessment from a Business Continuity Management perspective? I would use the same method as the rest of the organization.

Stress Test

“I was asked by my management to relate Business Continuity Management to a Stress Test in a Financial Institution. Can this be done?” Stress Test is a phrase commonly used

Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification If you are responsible for Business Continuity or Emergency Notification, then you should have considered the best way to get in contact with your staff in an emergency.

Auditing Business Continuity Management Plans

What is the best method of auditing Business Continuity Management Plans and Programs? Gap Analysis (using a Template) Training Exercises Hire an Auditor or Consultant Feedback from BCP Builder Community

Measuring Resilience

Measuring Resilience   How can you measure Organizational Resilience? You can look at: Key Performance Indicators Audit Results Incident Log Proper Key Performance Indicators and Audit results are a sound