Define Resilience

How can you define resilience? Can a diligently implemented Business Continuity Management System lead to Organizational Resilience? Yes – when properly implemented, I believe this is a key element of

Resilience Definition

Resilience Definition Is there a risk that some can fall into the trap of thinking they are resilient if they align/comply with ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management Standard? Absolutely!

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment What is the best method to conduct a Risk Assessment from a Business Continuity Management perspective? I would use the same method as the rest of the organization.

Stress Test

“I was asked by my management to relate Business Continuity Management to a Stress Test in a Financial Institution. Can this be done?” Stress Test is a phrase commonly used

Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification If you are responsible for Business Continuity or Emergency Notification, then you should have considered the best way to get in contact with your staff in an emergency.

Auditing Business Continuity Management Plans

What is the best method of auditing Business Continuity Management Plans and Programs? Gap Analysis (using a Template) Training Exercises Hire an Auditor or Consultant Feedback from BCP Builder Community

Measuring Resilience

Measuring Resilience   How can you measure Organizational Resilience? You can look at: Key Performance Indicators Audit Results Incident Log Proper Key Performance Indicators and Audit results are a sound

Crisis Management

Crisis Management When it comes to Crisis Management, most people think of natural disasters. However, power outages, technical and human error far outweigh natural disasters in terms of crises and the

Active Shooter

Active Shooter Following the horrific Active Shooter attack in Christchurch, New Zealand (my home-town) last week. I have been gathering resources and advice regarding the best course of action to

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Do Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans naturally fit together? Where does Business Continuity sit in your organization? There are many different options and

Cyber Security

Cyber Security This is a hot topic at the moment and can feel very confusing and overwhelming. I have identified the main things any business can do to increase their

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication What is the most common problem during a crisis, or simulation exercise? Crisis Communication Internal Communication A crisis is a particularly stressful time and a lot of decisions

Civil Emergency Message

What is a Civil Emergency Message? A Civil Emergency Message is a warning issued through the Emergency Alert System (EAS) in the United States to warn the public of a significant in-progress

Business Continuity Plan Example

Business Continuity Plan Example The below blog, written for Lee and Lea Publishing covers the key elements of preparing a Business Continuity Plan for a small or medium business. Topics covered

Emergency Notification System

How would you contact your staff in a crisis? If you knew there was a problem with your office – meaning staff should not come in – would you know

Tsunami Warning

Nature’s Tsunami Warning An Earthquake is Nature’s Tsunami Warning so if you are near the coast and experience a long and strong earthquake, you should evacuate to high ground. Early