Risk Management

Risk Management – when preparing a Business Continuity Plan, should you focus on the Risks and Threats to your business, and how they impact your critical processes or… identify the

Business Continuity Employees

Business Continuity Employees How many dedicated Business Continuity employees should an organization have? The closest measure I could find was Kelly McKinney’s “All Disasters are Local Index” from his book Moment


When should you use a scenario-based Business Continuity Plan? It is usually recommended that Business Continuity Plans are based on the worst case scenario – or an “all hazards approach”.

Facilities Management

What is the relationship between Facilities Management and Business Continuity? In my experience, a lack of investment in Facilities Management can cause serious Business Continuity issues. In this video, I


What kind of exercise injects should you include for a Hurricane Scenario? Keep it simple and think about what would really happen Review your Business Impact Analysis and Recovery Time

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators – How can you test your Business Continuity Plan and measure the results? Specific to your organization Set Key Performance Indicators and test them during exercises and

Business Continuity Exercise Checklist

Business Continuity Exercise Checklist What should you include when preparing a Business Continuity Exercise Checklist? Objectives You need to outline which plans are being tested and the learning outcomes you


Compliance – what should organizations calculate when it comes to Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery? Only focusing on calculating the number of Business Impact Analyses, Risk Assessments, testing, etc.


The rise of the Consultant – Have you noticed a shift in working arrangements from more permanent employees towards more Consultants? I recently attended a PwC Panel Discussion on the


How can you make your workplace more secure? I was recently invited by Scott Harris from Workforce Resilience to attend his “Active Armed Offender and Human Behavior Seminar” – it

Emergency Management

What is the difference between Business Continuity Management and Emergency Management? Business Continuity Management: Preparing for any incident Loss of People, Premises, Infrastructure, Supply Chain, Reputation, Resources Emergency Management: How

Business Continuity Management Guidelines

Business Continuity Management Guidelines – Are there any requirements or best practices for implementing Business Continuity Management in public traded companies? Compliance with ISO 22301 The culture needs to change,

Playbook or Runbook?

What is the difference between a Playbook and a Runbook? The concepts are very similar but are generally used in different contexts. A Runbook usually refers to computer systems or

Confidential Information

How can you prove you have a solid Business Continuity Plan, without revealing the Confidential Information inside? A Business Continuity Plan is often prepared because somebody has asked to see

Business Continuity Exercises and Tests

Business Continuity Exercises and Tests What best practice is there for training and exercising within Business Continuity/Emergency Planning? Regular Mix of small and large exercises Departmental and whole of organization

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement How does Business Continuity Management incorporate Continuous Improvement? Feedback from BCP Builder Community on LinkedIn: Debriefs Hot and Cold Debriefs should be conducted following all incidents and exercises.