In Business Continuity, what is the difference between a scenario and a test? A scenario is something that has happened to disrupt your business. A test is a way of

Risk Mitigation

How is risk mitigation incorporated into a Business Continuity Plan? In ISO 22301 there is a protection and mitigation section where three points are made: Reduce the likelihood shorten the

Business Continuity Institute

I have received a lot of questions lately about certification through the Business Continuity Institute: What study material did I use for the Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI)

Security and Business Continuity

What is the relationship between Security and Business Continuity? Security are focused on incident prevention and incident management. Business Continuity follows security, to get the business back up and running


How does legislation influence what kind of companies have Business Continuity Plans? It could be any company, but it really depends on the requirements of: Clients Management Stakeholders Feedback from

Local Emergency Planning Committee

How can having a local emergency planning committee improve resilience in rural communities? Communication, establish relationships and maintain contact details Supply chain, speed up the delivery of aid through a

Remote Work

With the rise in remote work capability it is easy to be constantly connected. I was recently on a family holiday in Vanuatu, where I did a bit of “remote

Data Center

Does an application have to meet its established recovery time objective when returning to the primary data center? One opinion is the application should have to meet its Recovery Time

Cloud Computing

In the age of cloud computing, what changes are occurring in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management practices? It is important to ensure the availability of information by: Choosing a

Relocation Site

Relocation sites – what are the different options available? This was a question that came up recently during a presentation I was giving. There are a lot of different options,

Risk Management

Risk Management – when preparing a Business Continuity Plan, should you focus on the Risks and Threats to your business, and how they impact your critical processes or… identify the

Business Continuity Employees

Business Continuity Employees How many dedicated Business Continuity employees should an organization have? The closest measure I could find was Kelly McKinney’s “All Disasters are Local Index” from his book Moment


When should you use a scenario-based Business Continuity Plan? It is usually recommended that Business Continuity Plans are based on the worst case scenario – or an “all hazards approach”.

Facilities Management

What is the relationship between Facilities Management and Business Continuity? In my experience, a lack of investment in Facilities Management can cause serious Business Continuity issues. In this video, I


What kind of exercise injects should you include for a Hurricane Scenario? Keep it simple and think about what would really happen Review your Business Impact Analysis and Recovery Time

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators – How can you test your Business Continuity Plan and measure the results? Specific to your organization Set Key Performance Indicators and test them during exercises and