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Business Continuity Plan
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you write a Business Continuity Plan?

Producing a good Business Continuity Plan requires specific information. If you purchase BCP Builder’s template, you can feel confident that your Plan will include all the information required. The instructions will help you work through the planning process at your own pace, without confusion. Your subscription includes access to online training and coaching to make your planning journey as smooth as possible.

What is a Business Continuity Plan Template?

A Business Continuity Plan focuses on the effect of any disruption rather than the cause. The goal is to effectively deal with any negative incidents that could impact your business.

A good Business Continuity Plan should be clear, concise, direct and easily understandable. You can write a plan that is completely relevant to your business with BCP Builder’s unique interactive design. Most of the entry areas are free text, this means that you can layout the information in the best way for your organization. 

This Template is based on the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines and the requirements of ISO 22301:2012. This means that you can write your plan in confidence, knowing that you are meeting all requirements.

What are the elements of a Business Continuity Plan?
  1. Company Information
  2. Relocation Site
  3. Service Providers
  4. Key Suppliers
  5. Key Clients
  6. Essential Equipment
  7. Business Impact Analysis
  8. Risk and Threat Assessment
  9. Activation and Stand-Down
  10. Incident Response Procedures
  11. Staff Contact List
  12. Emergency Services
How do I access my Business Continuity Plan?

In an emergency, you are unlikely to have the printed version of your plan with you. By using BCP Builder you can simply login online and download the latest copy with confidence.

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